What Is Sustainable Swimwear

Mar. 12, 2021

What Is Sustainable Swimwear

"Sustainable" swimwear is now one of the most searched fashion words in the world, which is not surprising-swimwear is a must-have for summer, but ordinary bikinis are also one of the culprits of chemical pollution.

Most swimsuits you see on the street are made of synthetic fibers made from petrochemicals. This means that the carbon footprint of a swimsuit is quite large.

Sustainable swimsuits are different from ordinary swimsuits in that they are made of low-impact materials by people who receive fair wages under safe conditions. These swimsuits are usually made from recycled fibers, using recycling or zero-waste processes. Many sustainable swimwear brands are working hard to give back to charities and local communities.

We rarely consider the importance of sustainable swimwear.

Sustainability and environmental protection are some of the primary challenges facing our generation. More people than ever before are realizing the fact that "disposable culture" will make life on earth habitable-and soon. Even companies have begun to realize the fact that even if the cost of sustainable development is higher in the long run, at least it has maintained their ability to continue to operate business for generations.

But this awareness is impacting individuals and businesses at different speeds; while some have drastically changed their practices to support sustainable living, others have changed much less. However, even those companies that have not changed their production and manufacturing methods cannot deny that supporting sustainable development is important-but it is also very fashionable.

People want to feel that they are changing. In most cases, they are even willing to pay more for the same product if they feel it is better for the environment. Although this is very effective for honest companies that are sincerely committed to sustainable living goals, there are also companies that simply take advantage of this trend to profit.

They can do this by "green cleaning" their marketing materials. The word comes from painting "Happy Little Tree" on your material to make it look greener, more environmentally friendly, and more sustainable. This strategy is very effective for consumers who are unwilling to dig deeper.

But if you’re really committed to the idea of sustainable living, it’s worth taking a few minutes to determine whether a company is actually practicing what they preach. If not, use your money elsewhere to support another brand that is more transparent and committed to sustainable operations.

In the fashion world, sustainability is very popular now; this is especially true for swimwear. People who spend time on the beach or outdoors are generally more aware of the damage to our environment. They witnessed all this with their own eyes. And in most cases, swimsuits are not environmentally friendly.

It is usually made of synthetic fibers such as nylon, spandex and polyester to make it malleable. Unfortunately, these materials are usually made of a component that is known to be harmful to the environment-plastic.

At present, there are more than 8 billion tons of plastic on the earth, most of which will never decompose. Some were found in swimsuits. Plastic by-products from discarded swimwear are usually thrown into landfills. Even if you wear clothes made of these plastics, synthetic fibers will be released into any body of water you enter. There is no filtration mechanism in natural water bodies, which means that marine animals consume these tiny fibers. When we eat seafood, these microplastics even enter our body.

As a consumer, it may be difficult at first to discern which companies are actually practicing what they preach in terms of sustainability, and which companies simply whitewash their marketing materials to make it look like this.

Although the pursuit of (or seeming) sustainable development is a trend, not all companies are trying to spend money on things that have an impact on the environment. Therefore, when shopping, it is best to remember a few things, because they can tell you how firm certain suppliers and manufacturers are in their commitment to sustainable development.

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